Company that Operates in Panama

Square Tree Corp. offers the coordination of the activities to be implemented for the organization and for the administration of companies that operate in Panama.

Here below are listed some of the services offered Square Tree Corp.:

  • Incorporation of the company;
  • Coordination of procedures for obtaining local licenses and permits;
  • Provision of an office space and secretarial services for the start-up of the new company;
  • Assistance in finding buildings for office or commercial use;
  • Presentation to banks and coordination of the opening account’s procedure;
  • Assistance in the preparation of contracts, legal and/or accounting documents;
  • Coordination of the daily management of the company;
  • Assistance in dealing with customers, suppliers and third parties;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and of tax returns;
  • Assistance to the auditor for the audit of the annual accounts;
  • Obtaining residence in Panama for the administrator of the company.

The professionals of Square Tree Corp. are at disposal of the client’s tax advisors to evaluate fiscal matters in order to optimize the tax impact of the investment in Panama and organize at best a possible transfer, in accordance with the regulations of the country of residence of the customer.

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